Lambchow Survey December 2018

It’s time again for our annual Lambchow Survey. Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to the survey. The survey has two purposes. It helps us gauge Lambchow’s effectiveness and gives us a clearer picture of our audience. The information from this survey will be part of the Lambchow Annual Report which will be published in early January.

There are two changes to this year’s survey. We’ve added a question asking “Would you be interested in a daily email from Lambchow?  This would be a separate email subscription made up of previous articles.” We’re considering an additional email list that would pull from previously published articles which would go out on days not covered by our regular email subscription.

The second change is seen below. Our preference is for folks to use the weblink which goes to an online Google Form. But for those for whom this is not possible or practical, we’ve included the text of the survey below. So, if you can’t do the Google Form you may reply to this email with your survey responses and they will be included in the results.

The survey will be open through the entire month of December. Thank you again for taking time from your day to respond.

Link to the survey, click >>>


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