A Prayer Request

This is an unusual Lambchow so hang with me. About five years ago I began this journey of writing not knowing where it would lead. There was an early, but short-lived, attempt at a daily blog. Then Lambchow.com became advertising space for a self-published book I had written. Then in November of 2013, we began to blog again without fully intending where it would go. That’s the roots of Lambchow.com.

It has been interesting and fascinating to watch how God renewed and shaped the vision for this outlet. What began simply as a way to publish what was on my heart became a means of encouraging folks around the world to embrace the adventure of following Jesus. I wonder where it’s going next.

Lambchow is more than a website or a blog, here’s what you may not know. We have a daily budget with Google to advertise our Bible Study on Forgiveness. Many of you may have discovered Lambchow through that Bible study. In the past few years, over two thousand folks have downloaded that set of lessons on forgiveness or received it in their email. Many have shared it with others or used it in a small group setting.

About two years ago I began to put a simple question on every email we send out. “May we pray for you?” In that time Lambchow has received over 300 prayer requests via email. (There was 30 last month) Each one is personally answered and prayed for. Some of those have turned into friends that I look forward to hearing from. We may never meet face to face this side of heaven, but it’s interesting how distance doesn’t matter to God.

All this is done as a labor of love and is modeled after Paul’s tent making ministry in Corinth. A few have financially supported Lambchow’s outreach over the years. Thank you! One church includes Lambchow in their monthly mission giving, thank you as well! But the purpose of this article is not about money but something more important.

If Lambchow has touched you in any way will you do one thing for us? Pray with us as often as the Spirit nudges you. Pray that the advertising reaches the right folks at the right time. Pray that I clearly see the next steps God wants us to take. Pray that the hearts of readers are open to hearing what Jesus wants to speak into their lives. Pray for folks to voluntarily translate our Bible Studies into other languages. Pray that God would grant ears to hear as we pray for folks via email. Pray that all those who encounter Lambchow will be challenged to further embrace the adventure of following Jesus no matter where they are at on that journey.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read Lambchow. “the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” (1 Timothy 1:5, NASB95)

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