The Bible in One Year

One of the primary ways of growing in Christ is Bible reading. Getting God’s Word into our hearts and life simply by reading it. While many will start to read through the Bible, many of those find that some kind of yearly plan helps them achieve that goal.

There are several plans and methods to read through the Bible in one year, all of them good. This plan strives to keep the books intact, reading through one at a time, yet mixes in the New Testament books with the Old Testament. In part, this is to keep from getting bogged down but also to always view the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament. For instance, this plan begins with John and then goes to Genesis.

The other feature of this plan is that it comes to you via email with the Biblical text. The plan is built on a six-day schedule, the seventh day is for catching up. Each week we’ll send you an email with that week’s readings. Due to copyright restrictions on the more known English translations and the difficulty of understanding the Elizabethan English of the King James Version, we’re using the World English Bible. The WEB is a modern translation based on the ASV, which is offered in the Public Domain.

 While many will start some kind of Bible reading program at the beginning of the year, this plan is not tied to the calendar and may be started at any time. However, we will be sending out the first emails on January 5th, 2020. For folks that sign up later, they will begin with Week One regardless of what the calendar says.

To receive the weekly emails to read through the Bible in one year subscribe below. After filling out this form an email will be sent asking you to confirm. Simply click the button or link in the email.

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