About Lambchow

First and foremost, Lambchow is designed to glorify Jesus Christ. It is however not a blog about religion but about relationships. The key verse upon which Lambchow is built is 1 Timothy 1:5 – “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” Our desire is that every article, short story, Bible study, or book encourages, challenges, and inspires readers to take one more step with or towards Jesus no matter where they are at on that journey.

We see Lambchow as a seed planting ministry. Each article, short story, and Bible study lesson is broadcasting good seed into the hearts of many. There is a saying that we cling to, you could call it our motto, – only God knows how many apples are in a seed. Only God knows how many lives are going to be changed by one person taking to heart the encouragement and challenge of something they’ve read.

Statement of Financial Integrity

  • The purpose of raising funds for Lambchow.com is to extend its reach and to cover operational expenses.
  • All of the funds donated or raised through other means will be used to extend advertising and cover operational expenses.
  • Lambchow.com is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible.
  • Annual financial statements are available upon request.

Contact Dale via dale@lambchow.com if you would like to help expand our reach. Every penny given goes to either covering our hosting expenses or extending our advertising reach.

What does “Lambchow” mean?

Names are important. We all have names given to us by our parents. Whether we chose to continue using them is a different matter. And perhaps we’ve gained a nickname or two as we’ve traveled through life. There’s something in our humanness that loves to name things. Consider this, Adam’s first job was to name all the animals (Genesis 2:19). We still tend to name just about everything. A car isn’t a car, it’s the Mustang or Chevy or Herbie. So, what in the world does Lambchow mean?

I can’t say that I spent months coming up with the perfect name, in fact, it came to mind during one of those early mornings wake up calls that God drops on me every now and again. While there is a mild riff on a well-known pet food maker’s brand, the name actually comes from the Bible, a little bit of my own history and my hopes for the blog.

In John 21:15-17 Jesus questions Peter about his love three times. Three times Peter responds to which Jesus replies, “Feed my lambs,” “shepherd my sheep,” and “feed my sheep.”  Many see this conversation as Peter’s reconciliation after his denials and his restoration to ministry. The Bible frequently pictures followers of Jesus as lambs and sheep (i.e. Psalm 23, John 10:1-16). So, the “lamb” in Lambchow is pointing at you and me.

While I don’t currently own sheep, in our younger days my brother, sister, and I raised them to show at local 4-H and FFA fairs. We fed, watered, doctored, and cared for them. During lambing season, which comes during the cold months of late January and early February, we took turns getting up in the middle of the night to check on the expectant mothers and newborn lambs. Taking care of our small flock is one of my cherished memories. You could say that the “chow” portion comes from a desire to feed Christ’s sheep.

My wife Betty has a good way of explaining what the name means. “We’re lambs of God, and we need to feed on His Word.”  That’s our hope. That Lambchow would be good spiritual food, that as lambs of Christ you would “chow” on God’s Word through the articles, Bible Studies, and short stories we offer. The only thing we ask in return is your prayers for this ministry.

Copywrite Statement

Lambchow.com is part of Lambchow Ministries, Inc. A non-profit religious entity registered in the State of Illinois. Lambchow Ministries reserves the copyright on all of the content published by lambchow.com. Individuals may freely share the articles, short stories, and Bible studies published here with others as long as no remuneration is requested. The articles, short-stories, and Bible studies published on Lambchow may not be reprinted or re-used for publication in any media without the express consent of the author(s).