Lambchow Year End Report 2018

Welcome to 2019! As in previous years, we are taking a short break from our usual articles to provide our readers with some Lambchow news.  This report will cover three topics. Some results from our survey. A few tidbits from our end of year data. And a look forward to our plans for next year.

Thanks to all who filled out the survey. In short, our audience is balanced into thirds. A third reside in Africa, a third in the USA, and a third in other places around the globe. There are a few more men than women. And most of you are folks Betty and I have never met in person. The vast majority of you read Lambchow via email with a growing number of mobile users.

In some cases, the demographics diverge between the survey and that gathered from other sources. While the survey age range weighed toward 45 and up, the website data shows the highest traffic in the 25-35 range. Similarly, the survey showed an equal balance between phones and PC’s, however, our website data shows nearly 80% accessed via a smartphone last year. The reason is simple. Most of our website traffic is ad driven.

Last year, Lambchow provided over 7,500 Bible studies to folks around the world. We recorded 33,320 opened emails. Saw over 14,000 articles accessed on the website. Our simple presentation of God’s good news called How to Recieve God’s Love had over 4500 views. And we received 412 prayer requests. But, as always, the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Over the year we’ve received many thank-you notes and other reports of how God is using Lambchow to impact their real-life adventure of following Jesus. Thank you for sharing those with us.

In 2019 we will embark on some new and exciting projects. For a large portion of next year, our regular articles will cover “The Basics: A Readable Review of Essential Christian Faith.” More to come on that in just a few days. We are also in the process of tuning our website to be more phone friendly and helpful. Two projects that are a little further out are a weekly podcast and publishing a compilation of short stories. We have also just released print and Kindle versions of the Forgiveness Bible Study on You can find it our on Amazon Author page (see below).

I would also like to thank all of those that have supported us last year. The prayers many of you offered are proven effective. Continue to pray for wisdom, guidance, inspiration, and that the ads are seen by the right people. Also, a special thank you to the folks at Vineyard Church Peoria for their continued financial support, prayers, and encouragement. And lastly, thanks to Betty for putting up with me while I’m writing (and the rest of the time too).

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