About You – Insights From the Reader’s Survey

Thanks to all who took the time to respond to our 2022 Reader’s Survey. We had 50 responses with a broad cross-section. Around 2/3rds were men and 1/3ish women. About 20% are in the 20-35 age range, 22% are 36-45, 20% are 46-60, and over 35% are over 60. Most (67%) are married, around 20% are single, and 19% are divorced or widowed. 75% of the responses are from Africa, 14% from the USA. We also had readers indicating they were from the Far East and parts of Europe.

Our readers tend to be regular Church attendees with around 85% attending most of the time or all the time.  A bit over 50% are fairly to always consistent Bible readers and prayers. The length of time they’ve walked with Christ ranged widely, the largest segment being 11-20 years at 34%.

Nearly all read Lambchow from the emails (96%) and feel that our publication schedule is just right (88%). Over 75% feel that Lambchow has encouraged their walk with Jesus. Many reported sharing articles and being regular readers.

My take on the numbers – I feel that Lambchow is meeting our desire to help folks walk with Jesus no matter where they are physically, spiritually, and generationally.

A few comments on your comments.

Several asked where we are located. My wife Betty and I live a few miles outside the town of Lacon, Illinois, USA. Lacon is a small town of around 1500 folks about 25 miles from Peoria. Lambchow’s offices is our home, specifically my Laz-y-Boy recliner in our family room where I do most of my writing.

One comment noted they’d like more African contextualized examples since they don’t always get my more American examples. I get that but I don’t have a solution, I can only authentically write from what I know and have experienced. But! We would consider publishing some short articles written by our readers with their own examples that encourage folks in their walk with Jesus. Let me know if you are interested at dale@lambchow.com.

One comment asked about visualizing it, I’m assuming they are meaning a video/youtube clip. I don’t think we’re ready for that yet given the time and equipment needed to do it well. But I am working on producing audiobook versions of our Bible Studies on Forgiveness and Hope. If those gain some traction then I’ll look at adding more audio.

On schools and Bible Study. One frequent misunderstanding is that Lambchow is a school, we’re not. We do teach and encourage from the Bible. Sometimes we delve deeper like last year’s study on Galatians or this year’s walk through the 2nd half of John. My goal is to point folks to Jesus and not to form them into theologians or scholars. As such, we spend most of our time in the New Testament. In our view, the Bible is best understood through the Kingdom ministry, teaching, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Get to know Jesus and the rest becomes clearer. You see, Lambchow readers come from many denominational and theological understandings. I feel that our purpose is to encourage all and trust the Holy Spirit for the rest.

One comment or question we often get is something along the lines of “why don’t you do…” I appreciate those. Many of those suggestions are way outside of our calling and purpose, but some do lead to improving our serve. One suggestion from the survey was to provide a pdf of the articles for offline reading, something I’m seriously considering. But there are many other good suggestions which are not possible.

I learned a long time ago that you can’t be all things to all people. So instead, we do what we also encourage – “do what you can where you are at with what you have.” We don’t do other languages because we simply don’t have that ability (at the moment). We don’t provide financial support or printed material; we simply don’t have the funds and the means of ensuring good stewardship. We don’t do school or certificates because we don’t have the resources, time, and people required to provide a rigorous and verifiable educational experience.  Instead, we do (write and publish) where we are at (from our home) with what we have (the ability to write, the technical knowledge to publish, and some funds from myself and the Vineyard Church Peoria). What can you do from where you are at with what you have?    

Finally, many of you left encouraging comments, thank you very much. It is good to know that the labor is fruitful, which is something we can’t see from this side of the page. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement and time.       

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