These are free resources for you to download and share with others, just click on the links.

Ongoing three-times-a-week devotional study.

In addition to the studies below, I invite you to our regular Lambchow mailing list. I understand the fear of signing up for another mailing list, believe me. It’s a bit unnerving to sign up for one thing and get pesky emails from five other places. Here’s my promise, Lambchow does not and will not sell or give your information to another person, company, or ministry.  We won’t spam you with sales or donation requests. We will send you a devotional style article 3 times a week with an occasional ministry report, story, or prayer request. The sign-up form is immediatly below.  Thanks and blessings, Dale

Bible Study on Forgiveness - PDF Version (14141 downloads)
Lambchow Bible Study on Love - PDF eBook (4138 downloads)
On The Go Prayer - PDF eBook (2363 downloads)
Walk Through Philippians - PDF eBook (1731 downloads)
Letters of Hope Bible Study PDF (5864 downloads)
The Basics - A Readable Review of Christian Faith (1112 downloads)
Jesus Says – A 30 Day Devotional (1309 downloads)
Practically James - A Study of the Letter of James (1063 downloads)

Downloadable Bibles

We receive many requests for Bibles and other printed material. While we are grateful to hear those requests our ministry is not equiped or called to fulfill them. However, we do want to make these downloadable Bibles available for those that find them helpful.

The World English Bible is a modern language public domain version of the Bible.

The entire WEB Bible, 1018 page PDF 8.55mb download

The New Testament and Psalms WEB Bible, 333 page PDF 2.61mb Download