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I self-published this book a few years back. It is available in softcover and Kindle format through Amazon at this link.  Click to see on Amazon. Becoming a Grand Champion Church is structured around Psalms 23 and look for how the Jesus Good Shepherd is already working and how we may join in.

Here’s a sample from Chapter one.

The Lord is Our Shepherd

The alarm rudely wakes me at 4:00 A.M. out of a sound, warm sleep. It is midwinter in central Illinois and time to check the sheep. We are in the middle of lambing season so my brother and I take turns making the early morning round to see how the expectant mothers and newborns are doing. The small flock nestled in the old barn is our 4-H project. While I am getting ready Mom comes downstairs. Although she understands the need for this early morning ritual she is not comfortable having one of her “lambs” leave the warm house. After putting on my parka and boots, I trudge out to the barn.

The stars are brilliant overhead as they are in midwinter. The snow squeaks with every step I take towards the weak golden light that is barely visible through the cracks in the barn door. A snowdrift blocks the gate so I awkwardly climb the fence and drop into the snow covered pasture. As I approach the barn door I softly say “morning sheep, just me.” The door protests at being disturbed but stubbornly yields to my tug.

Inside the old barn our small flock lies in deep straw. I continue my soft one-sided conversation to calm them. One old ewe stirs and comes to greet me, hoping for a hand out of some grain or fresh hay. I take my gloves off and pet her soft wool while looking over the flock. So far Sophie has dropped triplets, normal for her, and they are doing fine. A lamb born a few nights ago to one of the yearlings is weaker than normal. We may have to help it nurse if it is going to survive. Several have yet to lamb. Barney is living up to her name and is as wide as a barn; she should have twins. However there are no new lambs tonight. I throw a couple of slices of hay into the pen, knock the ice from the water pans, and return to the house for a few more hours of sleep.

Later that same day a larger flock surrounds me. It is the gathering of the church for worship. This time I am not the shepherd but a lamb. Others are feeding, caring, and looking over my progress. Worship, Sunday school, fellowship, evangelism, and preaching are the activities of this flock. Like our barn, there is the sheltering warmth of being around other believers that protects from the cold of the world. In one way the purpose for our little 4-H flock and Christ’s purpose for the church are the same. We raise sheep to show at the 4-H fair. Christ’s desire is, “that He might present to Himself the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless” (Ephesians 5:27). Christ does this by shepherding individuals personally and through the local flock to which they belong.