Walking Through Philippians

Walking Through Philippians is a 14 lesson Bible Study into Paul’s letter to the Philippians. This particular book of the New Testament has brought hope and encouragement to countless followers of Jesus. It is steeped with joy but grounded in real life examples. The Bible study is available as a free downloadable PDF file. Feel free to read it for personal enrichment, share it with others, use it for a small group Bible Study, or as the basis of teachings. The only thing we ask is that it is always given away for free and that it remains attributed to Dale Heinold and Lambchow Ministries.  The PDF of the entire Bible Study can be downloaded here: Walk Through Philippians - PDF eBook (2000 downloads) .

Thanks and Blessings!

Download PDF >>  Walk Through Philippians - PDF eBook (2000 downloads)

Contents of Walking Through Philippians

Lesson 1 – Foundational Attitudes

Lesson 2 – Paul’s Prayer

Lesson 3 – Unexpected Gains

Lesson 4 – Worthy Conduct

Lesson 5 – Worthy Attitude

Lesson 6 – Worthy Walk

Lesson 7 – Worthy Examples

Lesson 8 – Righteousness

Lesson 9 – Further Up! Further In!

Lesson 10 – Citizenship

Lesson 11 – Undercurrents

Lesson 12 – Joy!

Lesson 13 – Peace

Lesson 14 – Final Words