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For the past several years, as we cross into a new year, I’ve written an article along the lines of looking back/looking forward. This is that article. But given the unpredictability of the past few years, I’m actually having a bit of a struggle with what comes next. Well, that’s not 100% accurate.

While our year-over-year numbers were down a bit for a couple of reasons, the impact of Lambchow continues. Over the past year, folks have continued to discover the power of forgiveness and the surety of our hope in Christ. Thousands have encountered the gospel, many for the first time. And we continue to plant seeds through the written word. God is good!

For those interested in numbers, I offer these (if numbers bore you skip this paragraph). Lambchow provided over 10,000 Bible studies in 2021. Over 75,000 of our articles were read throughout the year. And those are just the ones we can verify through tracking. Only God knows for sure how many folks were encouraged, instructed, or equipped in some way last year through Lambchow.

Our plans for 2022 are several. We will begin the year by continuing a study of John’s Gospel. We started that in 2020, paused it for a bit, and now it seems good to pick it up again. We will continue to advertise and offer our Bible Studies on Forgiveness and Hope. And our three-day-a-week publishing pattern will continue with a mix of new and previously published articles.

I also hope to revamp and freshen up our website. The look is about three or four years old now and is due for some modernization. I also want to make articles easier to find topically, make it more of a library. Perhaps add some audio/video resources.

I close with some words of thanks. Thanks to you, our readers. A special thanks to those readers that emailed back a word of encouragement this past year. Thanks to our supporters and especially the Vineyard Church Peoria. And, of course, my wife Betty, who puts up with my early morning writing sessions. And most of all, thanks to Jesus our Lord and the continued work of the Holy Spirit in all of our lives.

None of us knows for sure what next year will bring, so I offer this blessing from Bible – “‘May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.’” (Numbers 6:24–26, NLT)

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