Survey Says 2018

Thanks to all those that took time to fill out our 2018 Reader Survey. I appreciate your time and willingness to share your thoughts about Lambchow. The information and comments help us to better understand you, our readers.

Quick Summary:  Your fellow readers are a diverse mix from Africa (38%), USA (36%), and other nations. They are mostly mature believers (both in actual age and in their spiritual walk). Most are folks that Betty and I have never personally met. Everyone indicated that their primary contact with Lambchow is through email with over 50% using a tablet or phone.

My take:  I am humbled how God uses this platform to encourage and challenge His people. I’m thankful for each one of you, even if we have never met. And I’m also thankful for every time you shared an article with friends, family, and church groups. The survey results don’t indicate a need for large changes. I do recognize that the length of some articles challenges some of you. Please be patient with that as other readers relish the longer studies. It’s for that reason that we mix it up, Monday articles are intended to be shorter, Wednesday more of a Bible Study, and Fridays are a mixed bag but tend to be shorter. Once again, thank you.

That Lambchow could speak to the variety of life experiences expressed in this survey is not because of myself and our other authors but because of God. His word speaks to us all no matter our situation, our joys, and our struggles. The Holy Spirit is ultimately capable to take the words on a page and spotlight a truth relevant to the reader. Thank you for your words of thanks and encouragement. We plant seeds, God provides the growth. Be sure to praise Him if we have in some small way helped you to walk more fully and fruitfully with Him who loves us all.

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