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It’s been awhile since I’ve published an update on our Lambchow ministry. I hate writing these things because I dislike blowing my own horn but there are a lot of fantastic things going on right now. First some numbers. Our core readership is around 80 with an impact of around 300. What that means is there are about 80 folks that read nearly everything published, and about 300 that read at least one article in a given month. I use a calculated number that I call “seeds” to get a sense of Lambchow’s total reach. That number is calculated from articles read on the website, via email, and Bible Studies sent. For the first six-months of 2016 we planted 18432 seeds which is close to our 2015 total of 20619. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story, they never can. Lambchow literally has readers around the world. Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Australia, UK, and of course the USA to name a few, about 24 countries in all. About once or twice a month someone will email me with a thanks and tell me how they are sharing our articles or using them in a Bible Study. So while numbers can say some things they can’t say everything.on

Many of Lambchow’s readers come through our Forgiveness Campaign. A long term advertising campaign with Google to reach those searching Google about forgiveness. In the last six-months over 500 folks have signed up to receive the Forgiveness Bible Study in their email inbox free of charge. Most of our financial expenses (about 275.00 a month) goes towards supporting this advertising campaign. You can download our Bible Studies from our website, look under resources. There are currently three with more on the way.

Another behind the scenes activity is praying for folks via email. Each article we send out has a “May We Pray for You” button. We get 20-30 prayer requests each month. Each one is answered personally and confidentially. We often hear from folks that feel they can’t share their deepest needs with anyone else. Many others are just overwhelmed with life; finances, family problems, and health top the list. I’m considering assembling an intercessor team to help pray for these needs, let me know if you are interested.

One of the new avenues of letting folks know about Lambchow is through our Facebook page. We are still in the process of learning how to use this tool but it has opened up some unexpected avenues. Through some light advertising of posts many more folks have discovered Lambchow. One of the things I’m working on is some kind of “May we Pray for You” offer for Facebook readers. Thanks to all those that encouraged us to explore utilizing Facebook.

I have several long-term desires and prayers for Lambchow. That we would continue to plant seeds and help folks take one more step towards Jesus no matter where they are on their faith journey. I desire that Lambchow would be more than just my voice and I continue to encourage several other folks to write articles. I’ve also been praying for someone to help take our writing to the next level by proofing and editing articles before they are published. That prayer has been answered. Pam, a reader in Missouri, has volunteered to help out. She is a freelance writer and a retired teacher. In order to give her room to work, I’m adjusting my writing schedule. The first week of July will be rewind articles to gain some space between when I’ve finished writing an article and when it is published.

Keep praying for us. Pray that the advertising on Google and Facebook would reach the right folks at the right time. That God would use all the resources we’ve published to meet people where they are and bring them into His kingdom. Pray that God continues to lead and inspire each and every article. Pray for folks to help out in intercessory prayer. Pray for folks to help increase our reach through telling others or helping to support our advertising expenses. Pray that each and every seed, whether it is an article, a Bible Study, or a personal email will find good soil, take root, and be fruitful. Pray for folks to take the bold step of letting their voices be heard through writing. Thanks in advance – Dale

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