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Call this an experiment. Or perhaps it is an opportunity. One thing on my heart is to encourage others to write. For them to take the time to write down a life event, a fresh understanding, or important insight that encourages others in their walk with Jesus.

Lambchow did not have a launch committee, there was no advanced planning, or even a grand scheme. It began as an exercise in writing. Of writing out thoughts and placing them in a blog. Over time God grew it into a ministry. At first, I thought that Lambchow was a stop-over until a real ministry came along, little did I know what God had planned.

Writing and publishing is only one of the many avenues of Kingdom work. It requires a heart to hear the nudge of the Holy Spirit. A desire to put words in print. An acceptance of the quiet solitude writing requires. This is a risky adventure since written words cannot be denied in the same way as unrecorded spoken words. The rewards are not immediate and rarely tangible. But for those the Spirit leads towards this form of service it must be done. Or to quote a line from a movie – writers write.

With that in mind Lambchow is creating a space for other authors called Lambchow Voices. It will be a separate website and mailing list with links from our main website. A blog within a blog. The hope is to publish once a week.

In addition to providing space we are going to pay five dollars for each article chosen for publication.  Which articles are chosen and when they are published is at the discretion of Lambchow Ministries. Articles selected must follow the editorial guidelines document available below.

In brief, accepted articles must be 300-900 words in length. English only (although we are willing to publish both an English version and a version in your home language side by side). Devotional in style and Bible based. Accepted articles may be edited by us for readability.

If you are interested, please read the editorial guidelines and email with further questions.

Lambchow Voices Editorial Guidelines (37 downloads)
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Dale Heinold

Dale lives in central Illinois with Betty, his wife of nearly 40 years. He has a theology degree from Oral Roberts University. Dale works full time as an IT director for a local school district. He sees his writing as a ministry and hopes that you were blessed, challenged, and inspired by this article and
Dale Heinold
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