Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016.

The turning of the calendar from one year to the next is always a good time to look back at what was and forward to what may be. There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of a website. How many people visited, how many joined the mailing list, how many articles were read, how many times someone shared with others, and how many commented or connected in some way are just a few. I have all of those statistics and I won’t bore you with them. The one number that matters most to me is one that I call our seed count. It’s a number that is compiled from the number of articles read on the website or via email and the number of Bible studies we’ve sent out. Each of those activities is a seed planted in the hearts and lives of readers. In 2015 our seed count was over 17,000.

Looking forward to 2016. Our publication schedule is going to change slightly. The Wednesday Rewind is moving to Monday’s. On Wednesdays we plan to publish longer Bible Study style articles which for the moment we are calling “Dig”. Our Friday feature, which we are calling “Boost”, will be a short encouragement or story. Also looking forward, our hope and desire is to add more voices in 2016 to Lambchow. If you feel the urge to put pen on paper let me know! Our final goal for 2016 is to increase our seed count to over 45,000.

While the resources on Lambchow are freely given there are expenses to do what we do. In 2015 we spent 4150.00 on advertising, website hosting, and related services. Advertising is by far our greatest single expense as we leverage Google’s search engine to present a simple ad about forgiveness. Last year our ad received over three million impressions. About 32,000 clicked on the ad which brought them to the first lesson of the forgiveness Bible study and an offer to receive the remaining lessons. Close to a thousand folks from about 25 different counties signed up in 2015. One of the avenues God has opened up to meet Lambchow’s financial needs is to help other churches and ministries with their own websites.Our income in 2015 from donations and website assistance was 2400.00. If you hear of a church or ministry needing some help with a website we’d love to discuss if our skills match their need.

Finally. Thank you for your readership. Thank you for sharing with others those articles that have touched you in some way. Thank you for your encouraging comments and emails. Thank you for your prayers. Our prayer for you is that 2016 will be a year of growth and adventure as you walk with Jesus day by day and moment by moment.

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