Lambchow: One Year Old!

Wow, the rebuilt and repurposed is one year old. Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to visit the website, has shared it with friends, and has supported it with prayer and words of encouragement.  In the last year we have published 117 articles, sermons, and short stories, along with two Bible Study booklets. While 45375 have visited the website in the past year the core readership is around 40. Why the disparity?  We advertise the Bible Study booklets through Google as a free download.  Over the past year we have distributed 566 of Bible studies in one form or another. Two other events also drove up the number of visitors. When we changed servers there was traffic coming from folks looking for the previous tenants. Lambchow received thousands of visits from people “by accident”.  One article went viral, at least by our norms, on StumbleUpon.  Where a normal article is visited between 25-55 times and great article over 75 times that one article received over 1600 hits.

Speaking of articles, Here are the top ten articles and short stories from last year.

Whose Side Are You On


The Practice of Prayer 97

Alone in the Garden with Jesus

Coloring Between the Lines 93
Let It Go! 92
I Don’t Know 73
A Demonstration of Humility 69
Sally Calls a Wrong Number 68
The Anchor of Hope 63
Like Father, Like Son 55

Where do we go from here?  My plan is to continue publishing 2-3 articles per week. I’d like to add more contributors to the mix and make Lambchow into a digital magazine of sorts. So, if you know someone that likes to write let me know. There is a plan to create a few more Bible studies although the topics have not been chosen. I suspect that there will be a few surprises along the way just like last year.  Here’s how you can help.  Pray: Pray that the Lord will draw the right folks at the right time. Pray that the I continue to hear the Lord’s direction. Pray that as folks are touched that they will share with others. Over the last year I’ve debated how to handle the expense side of this endeavor.  I’m not asking or begging for your financial help. But it seems good to make a way for someone to help if the Lord leads them too.  As such, I’ve added a donation button to the website.  Here’s my commitment. All donations will be used to cover expenses and increase our advertising reach. Nothing will go to me personally. Be aware that while I consider Lambchow as a ministry it is not covered under 501c3 at this time so donations are not tax deductible but are rewarded in heaven. I will annually publish an accounting of the funds received and how they were used. Our full Statement of Financial Integrity can be read HERE.

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