Sally’s Lost Doll

“Mommy, Lucy’s lost.” a tearful Sally reported. Mom stopped layering the lasagna, gave Sally a quick hug, and sat her on the counter.

“Tell me all about it,” Mom said. “Where have you looked?”

“I’ve looked everywhere,” Sally replied with a sigh.  

“Go on.” Mom said as she added another layer of cheese.

“I’ve looked in my bedroom, the bathroom, the TV room, I’ve looked everywhere. Could Rufus have taken her?” Just then, a three-year-old golden lab wanders into the kitchen.

“Well,” Mom said, “let’s just ask.  Rufus, did you take Lucy?”  Rufus just stood there with a wagging tail and expectant eyes.  “Rufus looks pretty innocent to me.” Mom said placing the finished lasagna in the oven.  “How about we go and look again?”

“Okay,” Sally replied. Mom lifted Sally from the counter and carried her to her bedroom. “Sally Jean, this place is a mess! I guess you did look everywhere.” Mom surveyed the carnage of Sally’s search. All of her drawers were emptied and the toy box upturned.  “Well before we can look we have to pick up.” It took them quite a while to put Sally’s room back in order. But they did not find Lucy.

“Sally, where was the last place you remember seeing Lucy?”

Sally thought for a few moments. “Last night in bed, I think. We always go to bed together.”

“And what about this morning?” Mom asked.

Sally shrugged, “We always get up together.”

“Well, when I lose something and can’t find it I ask Jesus to help me. Why don’t you pray and ask Jesus to help you find Lucy.”

Sally closed her eyes folded her hands.” Dear Jesus, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, and Rufus–”

“Sally, that’s your bedtime prayer. Just ask Jesus to help you.”

“Okay, Dear Jesus. Help me find Lucy. She’s my especially favoritest dolly. She has yellow hair and a polka dot dress, just in case you don’t remember her.  Aunt Dot gave her to me on my birthday and I miss her a lot, amen.”

A buzzer sounded from the kitchen.  “The lasagna’s done, Daddy will be home soon.  Why don’t you watch some TV while I finish getting supper ready?” Sally nodded in agreement and slowly walked to the TV room.

Later that night. “What’s up with Sally? She has been moping around all night.” Dad asked.  

“She can’t find Lucy. I thought for sure she would have turned up by now.  I’m a little worried about how she’s going to handle going to bed.”

“I guess we’re about to find out. Time for bed Sally.” Dad called out. “Do you want me to read you a story?”

“Okay,” Sally shrugged. She snuggled onto Dad’s lap as he read one of her favorite books, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  Sally always giggles when Peter’s pants get caught by the fence, but not tonight.

“Go get ready for bed, I’ll be there in a minute,” Dad said.

“Well, here we go,” mom whispered.

Kneeling beside her bed, Sally said her usual bedtime prayer adding, “and please be with Lucy and tell her I miss her, amen.” Mom pulled back the covers and Dad lifted her into bed.

“Would you like Tiger to sleep with you tonight?” Mom asked, holding out a fluffy tiger. Sally shook her head and began to snuggle in.  Suddenly she began to burrow under the covers, turning completely around until her feet were sticking out.  She wiggled back around and triumphantly held up a homemade rag doll with yellow hair, a pink polka dot dress, and a crooked smile. With a satisfied smile, Sally hugged the doll and snuggled back into bed.  Mom and Dad each said their goodnights and gave Sally a kiss. As Mom turned out the light and closed the door she heard Sally softly saying – “Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of Lucy and helping me find her again.”  


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