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The basic assumption and question that I follow in the book is – Since Jesus is shepherding His church how can we join in?  Psalm 23 is used as a framework to explore those two points.  Along the way I use my own experiences raising sheep to bridge the gap between modern, non-rural, life and the pastural setting of Psalm 23. Above you will find a link to download a PDF file with the first four chapters of the book.  Contact me to purchase directly or find it at – Blessings to you.

From the Foreword:

Dear Friends,

In today’s busy life, we can find ourselves so rushed. Many passages of God’s Word bring us back to a much-needed reflection of the sovereignty of God. Psalm 23 is one such passage. The author uses this passage to bring us to a place where we can almost smell the fresh air and see the barn and pasture. We can hear the sheep as they respond to being feed and cared for even when they are not fully cooperating with their caretaker. The author’s insight into the twenty-third psalm will help bring you closer to Christ likeness. This book will challenge you and bless you with some laughter and deep insight into the heart of the Father and His care for us–His sheep.

Pastor Tom Schrock

Pastor Schrock is Lead Pastor for New Life Community Church in Henry Illinois  and Member of the Board of Directors  for VMTC Ministry US


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